Weds-Sat 12pm-3pm; 6pm-10pm 21 Park End St, Oxford, OX1 1HU
07869 384909


Lula’s at The Community Works

We are open at Makespace Oxford’s The Community Works at 21 Park End Street in Frideswide Square, opposite Saïd Business School and just across from Oxford train station.

Wednesday – Saturday: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm

Lula’s Ethiopian and Eritrean Menu

Vegetable Dishes
2 vegetable dishes + rice £8 / with injera £9
3 vegetable dishes + rice £9 / with injera £10

Red lentils
Slow cooked in a rich sauce of caramelised onions, garlic, mixed spices and berbere.

Yellow split peas
Mild dish cooked in a broth of garlic and onions flavoured with traditional spices.

Cabbage, carrots and potatoes sautéed with onions and ginger, flavoured with turmeric.

Green beans and carrots sauteed with onions and ginger, flavoured with traditional turmeric.

The classic Ethiopian comfort foot: a rich stew made from powdered chickpeas, spiced with garlic, berbere and enriched by herbs.

Lula’s Gold Plate Beyaynetu Vegetable
£20 (serves 2)
Experience the traditional Ethiopian cuisine with this sharing platter for 2 people. A mixed combination platter of injera topped with a variety of mildly spiced vegetable dishes.

Extra injera £1.50

Check the blackboard for daily specials, such as:

Habesha Hamli
Collard greens or kale cooked in spices with garlic

Mushroom tibs
Cooked with onion, peppers, garlic and Ethiopian spice blend

Beetroot and potatoes
Lightly spiced with garlic and chillies

Azifa green lentil salad
Fresh cold salad made from cooked green lentils combined with chopped tomatoes, onions, mild peppers and flavoured with salt and ginger.

Meat dishes

Lula’s Gold Plate Special
£12 per person (minimum 3 people)
Experience the traditional Ethiopian cuisine with this sharing platter. An ample portion of vegetarian and meat dishes, combination of about seven varieties served with hand made injera.

Spicy chicken
Delicious pieces of marinated chicken simmered slowly in a mixture of spices and Ethiopian berbere
Chicken & 1 vegetable dish with rice £11 / with injera £12

An Eritrean specialty, tender pieces of lamb cooked in a berbere sauce.
Zigni & 1 vegetable dish with rice £12 / with injera £13


Ethiopian coffee
Single £3
Doubles (served with popcorn) £5

Eritrean Spiced Tea
Single £2.50
Doubles (served with popcorn) £4

Soft drink
Ginger beer £2.50

Bottled water
Still or sparkling £1.50

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